Mitchell D. Anderson


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Journal Articles

​Localization of steady states of microcavity polaritons

Thomas J. Sturges, Mitchell D. Anderson, Adam Buraczewski, Morteza Navadeh-Toupchi, Alber F. Adiyatullin, Fauzia Jabeen, Daniel Y. Oberli,

Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Magdalena Stobińska

Submitted: arXiv:1903.09550 (2019)

Birth and death of a single quantum of vibration

Santiago Tarrago Velez, Kilian Seibold, Nils Kipfer, Mitchell D. Anderson, Vivishek Sudhir, Christophe Galland.

Submitted: arXiv:1811.03038 (2018)

Polaritonic Cross Feshbach Resonance

Morteza Navadah Toupchi, Naotomo Takemura, Mitchell D. Anderson , Daniel Y. Oberli, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli.

Physical Review Letters 122, 047402 (2019)

Two-Color Pump-Probe Measurement of Photonic Quantum Correlations Mediated by a Single Phonon
Mitchell D. Anderson, Santiago Tarrago Velez, Kilian Seibold, Hugo Flayac, Vincenzo Savona, Nicolas Sangouard, Christophe Galland.

Physical Review Letters 120, 233601 (2018) [Editors Suggestion]

Periodic squeezing in a polariton Josephson junction
Albert Adiyatullin, Mitchell D. Anderson, Hugo Flayac, Marcia Portella-Oberli, Fauzia Jabeen, Clauderic Ouellet-Plamondon, Gregory Sallen, Benoit Deveaud
Nature Communications. 8, 1329 (2017) 

Spin anisotropic interactions of lower-polaritons in the vicinity of polaritonic Feshbach resonance
Naotomo Takemura, Mitchell D. Anderson , Morteza Navadah Toupchi, Daniel Y. Oberli, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoit Deveaud.
Physical Review B. 95, 205303 (2017)

Coherent and incoherent aspects of polariton dynamics in semiconductor microcavities
Naotomo Takemura, Mitchell D. Anderson , Souvik Biswas, Morteza Navadah Toupchi, Daniel Y. Oberli, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoit Deveaud.
Physical Review B, 94, 195301 (2016)

​Independence of optical absorption on Auger ionization in single-walled carbon nanotubes revealed by ultrafast e–h photodoping
Mitchell D. Anderson, Meghan N. Beattie, Jack A. Alexander-Webber, Robin J. Nicholas, and James M. Fraser

New Journal of Physics, 18, 023051 (2016)

Dephasing effects on coherent exciton-polaritons and the breakdown of the strong coupling regime
Naotomo Takemura, Mitchell D. Anderson, Stephane Trebaol , Souvik Biswas, Daniel Y. Oberli, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoit Deveaud.
Physical Review B, 92, 235302 (2015)

Temporally resolved second-order photon correlations of exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensate formation

Albert F. Adiyatullin, Mitchell D. Anderson, Pierre V. Busi, Hadis Abbaspour, Régis André , Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoit Deveaud.

Applied Physics Letters, 107, 221107 (2015)

2D Fourier transform spectroscopy of exciton-polaritons and their interactions

Naotomo Takemura, Stephane Trebaol, Mitchell. D. Anderson, Verena Kohnle, Yoan Leger, Daniel Y. Oberli, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoit Deveaud. 

Physical Review B, 92, 125415 (2015) [Editors Suggestion]

The Q weak experimental apparatus.

Mitchell D. Anderson & Q weak collaboration  

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 781, 105-133 (2015)

Photoluminescence saturation independent of excitation pathway in air-suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes

Yee-fang Xiao, Mitchell D. Anderson, James M. Fraser.

Physical Review B, 89, 235440 (2014)

First-passage theory of exciton population loss in single-walled carbon nanotubes reveals micron-scale intrinsic diffusion lengths.

Mitchell D. Anderson, Yee-fang Xiao, James M. Fraser, 

Physical Review B, 88, 045420 (2013)

In situ 24 kHz coherent imaging of morphology change in laser percussion drilling

Paul J. L. Webster, Joe X. Z. Yu, Ben Y. C. Leung, Mitchell D. Anderson, Victor X. D. Yang, and James M. Fraser, 

Optics Letters, 35, 5, 646-648 (2010)