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​​​​École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Queen's University


PostDoc      École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland                                                             2014-Present

PhD Physics                                       Queen’s University  Kingston, ON, Canada                                                                 2008-2014

BSc (Honours) Physics               University of Manitoba  Winnipeg, MB, Canada                                                                 2004-2008

Dean's Honours List

Honours and Awards

Queen's Graduate Award                       Queen's University

Graduate Fellowship                                                                   2008-2014

NSERC USRA                                   University of Manitoba   Undergraduate Research Award                                                        2006

UMSU Scholarship                            University of Manitoba    For top 4 percentile GPA                                                                     2005

The C.E. Kent Memorial Prize           University of Manitoba  For top mark in first year Mathematics                                                2005

The Hoskins Scholarship                  University of Manitoba     For top mark in first year Calculus                                                      2005


First and foremost I am an avid golfer; I will probably live on a golf course someday and if it is attached to a vineyard all the better.

I like to stay active, I played varsity soccer, volleyball, and basketball for many years and continue to play many sports recreationally.

I also sail, both recreationally and competitively. Competitively in Kingston at the Collins Bay Yacht Club, and recreationally on family boats in Northern Ontario and in the BVI, where I also enjoy scuba diving.

In the winter I enjoy skiing and skating, and some seasons I still play recreational hockey as is required by Canadian law. I have two dogs, a beagle named Bailey and a basset hound named fry, and a beautiful wife, Sam.

1984-2004 I was born in raised in small town northern Ontario, my interest in science began young, tinkering with toys, taking them apart and putting them back together. I had an aptitude for maths and sciences, through elementary and high school consistently placing among top students regionally and provincially in standardized tests and science fairs. I choose to pursue physics in high school due strongly to the influence of a fantastic teacher, Dave Erb, who made science fun and engaging with experiments, demonstrations, and stories.

2004-2008 After a one year leadership training course I began studies at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and entered the Honours Physics program. After first year I won the NSERC URSA and had the opportunity to work at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia on the QWeak experiment. There I designed and tested photomultiplier tube bases, looking for the best regime with the lowest noise to run them. I continued on at JLab for another summer but eventually decided table-top physics was more up my alley. 

My Short Biography

Sam Anderson

Selected Publications from my favourite chemist

Nucleobase pairing and photodimerization in a biologically derived metal-organic framework nanoreactor

S. L. Anderson, P. G. Boyd, A.Gładysiak, T. N. Nguyen, R. G. Palgrave, D. Kubicki, 
L. Emsley, D. Bradshaw, M. J. Rosseinsky, B. Smit, K. C. Stylianou.

Nature Communications 10, 1612 (2019)

Shedding Light on the Protonation States and Location of Protonated N Atoms of Adenine in Metal–Organic 

A. Gładysiak, T. N Nguyen, S. L. Anderson, P. G. Boyd, R. G. Palgrave, J. Bacsa, B. Smit, M. J. Rosseinsky, K. C. Stylianou

Inorganic chemistry 57 (4), 1888-1900 (2018)

Biologically derived metal organic frameworks
S. L. Anderson  and  K. Stylianou 
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 349, 102-128 (2017)

Formation Pathways of Metal Organic Frameworks Proceeding Through Partial Dissolution of the Metastable Phase

S. L. Anderson,  A. Gladysiak,  P. G. Boyd,  C. Ireland,  P. Miéville,  D. Tiana,  B. Vlaisavljevich, P. Schouwink,  W. van Beek,  K. J. Gagnon,  B. Smit  and  K. Stylianou 

CrystEngComm 19, 3407-3413  (2017)

In Silico Design and Screening of Hypothetical MOF-74 Analogs and Their Experimental Synthesis
M. Witman, S. Ling, S. L. Anderson, L. Tong, K. Stylianou, B. Slater, B. Smit, and M. Haranczyk,

Chemical Science 7 (9), 6263 (2016)

Iterative protecting group-free cross-coupling leading to chiral multiply arylated structures.

C.M. Crudden, C. Ziebenhaus, J. P. G. Rygus, K. Ghozati, P. J. Unsworth, M. Nambo, S. Voth, M. Hutchinson, V. S. Laberge, Y. Maekawa, D. Imao 

Nature Communications, 7, 11065 (2016).

Transition-Metal-Free Access to Primary Anilines from Boronic Acids and a Common+ NH2 Equivalent.
S. Voth, J. W. Hollett, and J. A. McCubbin
The Journal of organic chemistry 80 (5), 2545-2553 (2015)

Mild and Tunable Benzoic Acid Catalysts for Rearrangement Reactions of Allylic Alcohols

J. A. McCubbin, S. Voth, and O. V. Krokhin

The Journal of Organic Chemistry 76 (20), 8537-8542 (2011)

Oxidation of dibenzothiophene by hydrogen peroxide in the presence of bis (acetylacetonato) oxovanadium (IV).

S. Goldie, S. Voth, P. Szymanski, and E. M. Prokopchuk.

Fuel Processing Technology 92, no. 8: 1656-1661  (2011).

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Mitchell D. Anderson

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​After two summers of particle physics I began working in the  Ultrasonics Research Laboratory  at the University of Manitoba looking at negative group velocities of ultrasonic pulses through bubbly liquids. This experience piqued my interest in pulse propagation and led me into the field of optics.

2008-Present After completing my undergraduate I began a MSc program at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada working from Prof. James Fraser in the Queen's Ultrafast group. After some brief programming work with laser ablation and OCT depth tracking, I began studies of excitonic phenomena in isolated single-walled carbon nanotubes. I reclassified into the PhD program in 2010 and successfully defended in September 2014. I am currently working as a postdoc at the Laboratory of Quantum Optoelectronics at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.